Thank you for attending the Oregon Business Plan’s 9th Oregon Leadership Summit on December 12 and 13 (for those of you who didn’t make it, we hope this email will get you up to speed).

As you know, the purpose of the Oregon Business Plan is to grow Oregon’s economy with good jobs in every corner of the state. Your participation throughout the year and at the Summit makes this process work.

Videos of panels from Monday morning’s plenary session are now available at the Oregon Business Plan website, along with slides from breakout sessions and the second days sessions on budgeting, education and healthcare.  On the site, you can also download a copy of the latest Oregon Business Plan Policy Playbook, which summarizes progress over the past year and lays out initiatives for 2012.

As you cruise the website, some video clips you might want to review include:

  • Russ Hoeflich of the Nature Conservancy and Paul Harlan of The Collins Companies calling for more intensive thinning of dry-side forestlands to promote forest health and create jobs in rural Oregon.
  • Hillsboro teacher Sarah Denny and community college leaders Greg Hamann and Sonya Christian envisioning a unified 0-20 education system and what steps we should take to get there.
  • Governor Kitzhaber describing how Oregon’s new approaches to state budgeting, health care, and education will reduce costs, stretch resources, and improve outcomes.
  • Senate President Courtney and House co-chairs Bruce Hanna and Arnie Roblan recounting Oregon’s highly productive 2011 legislative session and discussing  prospects for next session.
  • Yoram Bauman’s hilarious standup routine on politics and economics.

Thanks again for participating in this important Oregon event.  We look forward to working with you in 2012 to implement the initiatives laid out in the Playbook and discussed at the Summit.    Have a wonderful holiday season.