www.oregonbusinessplan.org is now updated with the latest videos, presentations and policy proposals from the 10th Oregon Leadership Summit, plus new tools that show why it’s so important to grow businesses and jobs.
It’s been just two weeks since the Leadership Summit, but let’s not lose sight of the major opportunities to create jobs and raise incomes that were presented.

Remember the key themes of the Summit:

  • Fix PERS.
  • Invest Wisely in Education.
  • Build the Bridge.
To help us stay focused, the Oregon Business Plan website is now fully updated with all of the content from the event including video, slides and policy proposals. The site is a year-round resource for the latest information on how to meet the Oregon Business Plan goals of creating 25, 000 new jobs per year and raising the incomes of Oregonians above the national average.

  • Savannah Loberger, a Hillsboro High School Student, telling us what really matters to kids and asking for greater support for STEM education.
  • Senator Peter Courtney focusing us on the importance working across the aisle and replacing the I-5 bridge between Oregon and Washington.
  • Dr. Rudy Crew outlining his vision for improving public education in Oregon.
  • The Governor outlining his 2013-2015 budget and its investments in education and economic development.
  • An animated video from Epipheo describing the connection between a strong economy and stong schools.
In addition to PERS, Education and the Bridge, learn about ways to make industrial land available for manufacturing, restore the health of our federal forests while creating thousands of jobs, make Oregon one of the most innovative states in the nation, and more!

Industry Clusters

Oregon’s economy is driven by companies that ring up sales outside of Oregon, bringing in fresh dollars that support Oregonians and their families, local businesses, and public services like great schools.  These industries tend to cluster because they draw competitive advantage from proximity to a skilled workforce, to specialized suppliers, and to a shared base of sophisticated knowledge about their industry.  Summt participants learned about Oregon’s key industry clusters over the lunch hour.  At the Oregon Business Plan website, we have detailed information on each industry cluster and what it will take to help them grow more high paying jobs here in Oregon.

How many teachers could Oregon hire if we met the Oregon Business Plan goal of creating 25, 000 jobs this year?  What if we brought Oregon’s average income to the national average? This cool tool was created by our friends at Epipheo, a growing creative company in Portland who also brought usthis great video on the connection between jobs and schools.