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Oregon Business Plan Leadership Summit

Oregon Leadership Summit:  January 6, 2015

The 13th Oregon Leadership Summit of the Oregon Business Plan is set for Tuesday, January 6, 2015 at the Oregon Convention Center.  Click here for more information and registration.

This year, the Oregon Business Plan will build on key themes from last year, including:

• Connecting education to careers and skilled job openings that are going unfilled throughout the state.

• Investing in the infrastructure that allows our communities and businesses to prosper and connect with the global marketplace.

• Strengthening rural economies by capitalizing on Oregon's unique advantages in the sustainable production of food and forest products.

At the January 6 Summit, we intend to bring forward a robust agenda to tap these and other opportunities that were emphasized by participants in a statewide tour this past July and August co-sponsored by the Business Plan, Business Oregon, and Regional Solutions. Nearly one thousand people participated in twelve regional forums, including representatives from businesses and business groups, economic development organizations, local governments, trade unions, education and workforce providers (review the summaries of those forums here).

Click here for more information and registration

11th Oregon Leadership Summit: What's Next?  December 09, 2013

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