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Oregon Business Plan Leadership Summit

In it Together: January 6, 2015 Leadership Summit

The 12th Oregon Leadership Summit of the Oregon Business Plan took place January 6, 2015.  The Summit built on key themes from last year and from a statewide tour this past July and August co-sponsored by the Business Plan, Business Oregon, and Regional Solutions. including:

Connecting education to careers and skilled job openings that are going unfilled throughout the state.
Modernizing our infrastructure to help communities & businesses prosper and connect with the global marketplace.
Putting our natural resources to work to strengthening rural economies

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Sides and Presentations

General Session
Oregon Business Plan Update slides
Michael Green slides
Representative Caddy McKeown slides
Senator Betsy Johnson slides
Representative Cliff Bentz slides
Representative John Davis slides
Commissioner Tammy Baney slides

Breakout Sessions
Connecting Education to Careers. Oregon STEM/CTE Employer Coaliation Slides. Mark Lewis STEM Investment Slides
Poverty to Prosperity:  Making the Safety Net Work and Making Work Pay.  Slides
Water Supply Development.  JR Cook SlidesCraig Reeder Slides.  John Roberts Slides.
Industrial Lands Readiness.  Slides
Federal Forest Management.  Red Rock Biofuels SlidesRough and Ready SlidesGovernor's Budget Slides
Successful Models of Employer-Driven Workforce Development.  Code Oregon Materials.

Documents and Materials

Policy Playbook
Connecting Education to Careers Brief
CTE+STEM Employer Coalition Sign-Up Form
Modernize our Infrastructure Brief
Regional Infrastructure Priorities
Put our Natural Resources to Work Brief
Put our Natural Resources to Work Regional Priorities
Make Safety Net Work and Make Work Pay Brief
The Cost of Congestion to Oregon's Economy
Forest Facts and Figures

 Media Coverage

Full coverage from the Oregonian (9 articles) 
In Southern Oregon, a $200 million plan to turn forestry waste into jet fuel.  Portland Business Journal. 1/12/15
Could drones boost the Oregon economy?  Statesman Journal.  1/7/15
Oregon State University plan ambitious forestry complex.  Corvallis Gazette Times.  1/6/15
5 Takeaways from the Oregon Leadership Summit.  GoLocalPDX.  1/8/15
2015 Oregon legislative battles take shape at businses summit.  Bend Bulletin.  1/7/15
Business Summit 2015:  Kitzhaber pledges support for transportation package.  Portland Tribune.  1/6/15
Business Summit 2015: Kitzhaber proposed budget steers 50% of general fund to education.  PBJ.  1/6/15
Business Summit 2015:  A $5M innovation fund for timber and ag.  Portland Business Journal.  1/6/15
Business Summit 2015: Leaders converge to shape legislative and economic agenda.  PBJ. 1/6/15
Business Summit 2015:  Gov. Kitzhaber on the "inherent contradiction" in the Oregon economy.  PBJ.  1/6/15
Business Summit 2015:  Scenes from Oregon's premeire business planning event (photos).  PBJ.  1/6/15
Kitzhaber pitches education budget at business leadership summit.  1/6/15
Promises, tensions surface at Oregon Leadership Summit.  Portland Tribune.  1/6/15
Oregon business group outlines its legislative wish list.  Associated Press.  1/5/15
Oregon business leaders talk politics today.  Statesman Journal. 1/6/15
Portland Business Alliance: Traffic still hampers Oregon's economy.  Portland Business Journal.  1/6/15
Oregon business summit adds commercial state mainstay to agenda.  Portland Business Journal.  12/22/14
Oregon Leadership Summit looks at what's driving state's business climate.  Portland Business Journal.  12/12/14