Industry Clusters Drive the Economy

Oregon’s economy is driven by companies that ring up sales outside of Oregon, bringing in fresh dollars that support Oregonians and their families, local businesses, and government services.  We characterize these companies as “traded sector” because they sell products and services outside of Oregon.  Traded-sector companies tend to cluster because they draw competitive advantage from proximity to a skilled workforce, to specialized suppliers, and to a shared base of sophisticated knowledge about their industry.

By identifying our traded-sector industry clusters and paying special attention to their needs, Oregonians and policy-makers have an effective way of thinking about how to grow our economy and create more high-paying jobs.  Read more about industry clusters here.

In 2005, the Oregon Business Plan launched the Oregon Industry Cluster Network to identify Oregon’s mature, emerging, and potential industry clusters and assist cluster participants as they work to accelerate innovation and the growth of their industries.  Find the latest news and information about the Oregon Industry Cluster Network here.