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OBP Initiatives: Improving the 4 "P"s for Prosperity


Initiatives to Grow Jobs and Incomes

The initiatives that we recommend and support can improve the work skills of our people, the productivity of our businesses, the quality of place that attracts and retains talented workers, and our culture of pioneering innovation.  We call these the "4ps for Prosperity" and together they define the climate for high-wage job growth.

The Oregon Business Plan initiatives have been developed with the input of hundreds of business and public leaders across Oregon's regions and industries.  

Download the latest Policy Playbook here.  Or, navigate the pages in the left hand bar to get more details on each initiative.  Use the comment function at the bottom of each page to provide your feedback. 


2015 Policy Playbook

A checkup on Oregon's economic health, and strategies to grow jobs, raise incomes and reduce poverty in Oregon.  Read more


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