Measuring Progress: Is the Plan Working?

This short video describes recent progress on the Oregon Business Plan goals of creating 25,000 jobs per year, raising per capita income above the U.S. average and reducing poverty from 17.2% today to below 10% by 2020.

The Oregon Business Plan measures progress in two ways. First, we track progress on the goals of the Plan: creating jobs, raising incomes and reducing poverty in Oregon.  Second, we track progress on specific Oregon Business Plan Initiatives, which are critical to strengthening and maintaining Oregon’s human capital, innovative capacity, productivity and quality of life, and which lead to long-term job and income creation.  Progress in both areas is summarized in our annual Policy Playbooks. Indicators such as the Competitive Index, the Innovation Index, and the Oregon Benchmarks show us progress on job and  income creation, the health of traded sector industries, and Oregon’s position over time and relative to other states in terms of economic drivers like people, place, productivity and pioneering innovation (the 4Ps for Prosperity).

July 19, 2011 Oregon Business Plan Progress Report.