Coverage and Commentary: 15th Oregon Leadership Summit, Dec. 4, 2017

News Articles

DC turmoil slams Oregon; Plans for taxes, PERS upended by tax cut in Congress: The Bulletin, December 4, 2017
Kate Brown to business leaders: State budget troubles linger: Oregon Live, December 4, 2017
Governor: Tax, spending options on their way: Capital Press, December 4, 2017
On the Scene: Oregon Leadership Summit: Oregon Business, December 5, 2017
Will your job survive the robot revolution?: KATU, December 4, 2017
Futurist Warns: ‘Make Oregon Robot Proof’: Oregon Public Broadcasting, December 4, 2017


Editorial: Real reform is unlikely without Gov. Brown: The Bulletin, December 5, 2017
Fix Oregon’s budget before the job-stealing robots arrive: Oregon Live, December 6, 2017

Coverage and Commentary: 14th Oregon Leadership Summit, Dec. 5, 2016

News Articles

Peter Courtney calls on businesses to bridge divide after Measure 97 battle: The Oregonian, December 5, 2016
Sen. Ron Wyden talks Trump, transportation, trade and taxes: The Oregonian, December 5, 2016
Gov. Brown challenges business leaders to help find needed new revenue: The Oregonian, December 5, 2016
Business summit exposes competing visions for Oregon’s future: The Oregonian, December 6, 2016
Taxes, Budget Up For Discussion As Business Leaders, Politicians Gather in Portland: Jefferson Public Radio, December 5, 2016
Businesses And Elected Officials Differ Sharply On Oregon’s Pension Costs: Oregon Public Broadcasting, December 5, 2016
At Leadership Summit, business community acknowledges need for new taxes: Portland Business Journal, December 5, 2016
Oregon business leaders call for reforms: The Bend Bulletin, December 6, 2016
5 things to know today, including Obamacare is alive: Portland Business Journal, December 6, 2016
Scenes from the Oregon Leadership Summit (Photos): Portland Business Journal, December 6, 2016
Business leaders offer deal: tax increases for PERS reform: Portland Tribune, December 6, 2016
Oregon businesses suggest compromise with lawmakers: KOIN-TV, December 6, 2016
On the Scene: Oregon Leadership Summit: Oregon Business Magazine, December 6, 2016
Summit leaders says Oregon’s housing affordability predicament will only get worse: Portland Business Journal, December 6, 2016


Gov. Brown’s leadership missing at leadership summit: The Bend Bulletin, December 7, 2016
A way forward for Oregon: The Register Guard, December 7, 2016
Our opinion: After Measure 97, time for compromise, Portland Tribune, December 8, 2016
Tim Nesbitt: We need to move beyond tax shaming and budget blaming to solve the state’s fiscal crisis, The Oregonian, December 10, 2016
Editorial: Lots of PERS ideas, but none good enough for the governor, The Bend Bulletin, December 10, 2016

Coverage and Commentary: 13th Oregon Leadership Summit, Dec. 14, 2015

Summary Coverage and Photos (11 thumbnails and links): The Oregonian, December 14 and 15, 2015.
Oregon leaders gather for annual summit.  Portland Tribune, December 10, 2015
Leadership Summit: Oregon businesses outline 2016 agenda. Portland Business Journal, December 14, 2015.
Leadership Summit: Oregon business leaders say economy on track, but PERS costs, tax measure threaten economy. Portland Business Journal, December 14, 2015.
Leadership Summit: Intel’s Andy Bryant, other tech leaders look to keep Oregon’s industry growing. Portland Business Journal, December 14, 2015.
Live updates: Oregon Leadership Summit 2016. The Oregonian, December 14, 2015.
Kate Brown goals: Jobs, transportation fixes, government reforms — full text. The Oregonian, December 14, 2015.
Brown outlines policy priorities at business summit.  Portland Tribune, December 14, 2015.
Leadership Summit: Gov. Brown outlines 2016 agenda, avoids talk of tax increases. Portland Business Journal, December 14, 2015.
5 things to know today, including the public education-corporate tax conundrum facing Oregon businesses. Portland Business Journal, December 15, 2015.
State business takes measure of Gov. Brown (editorial). Albany Democrat-Herald, December 15, 2015.

Ballot Issues in 2016
Oregon’s ‘civil war’? Democrats call for deal with businesses on tax measure. The Oregonian, December 14, 2015.
Kate Brown tells business summit: Oregon needs more revenue. The Oregonian, December 14, 2015.
In Oregon, business leaders worry proposed tax could hurt state’s tech trail. Portland Business Journal, December 15, 2015.
Sen. Courtney: ‘Potentially the bloodiest political day in Oregon’s history’.  Associated Press,  KVAL-TV, December 14, 2015.
Courtney: Oregon on verge of civil war over ballot measures.  Associated Press, KGW-TV, December 15, 2015.
Battle lines drawn: Oregon’s political fights loom over 2016 and beyond. The Oregonian, December 16.
Governor fails to lead at Oregon Leadership Summit (editorial). The Oregonian, December 15, 2015.
Time for a grand bargain (editorial). The Register-Guard, December 16, 2015.

PERS Reform
Pension reform one of business leaders’ top priorities, if not politicians’. The Oregonian, December 16, 2015.
Oregon PERS reform a priority for business leaders at summit.  Associated Press, December 15, 2015. This AP story also ran in the Washington (D.C.) Times, Lewiston (Idaho) Morning Tribune, and on a number on online news aggregation sites.
Why won’t Gov. Brown lead Oregon on PERS? (editorial). The Daily Astorian, January 7, 2016.

Education & Workforce
Kate Brown announces ‘innovation’ adviser as part of education agenda: full text. The Oregonian, December 14, 2015.
New position to address Oregon’s poor graduation rate. Portland Tribune, December 14, 2015.
Governor looks to focus on graduation rates with new position. KMTR-TV, December 14, 2015.
Leadership Summit: Talent acquisition and retention key for Oregon tech sector. Portland Business Journal, December 14, 2015.
Coos Bay fifth-grader brings education ideas to Oregon conference. The (Coos Bay) World, December 17, 2015.
Better leadership in education: Editorial Agenda 2016 (editorial). The Oregonian, January 11, 2016.

House GOP will unveil 2016 transportation plan at Oregon business summit.  Bend Bulletin, December 13, 2015.
Lawmakers want talks to begin for 2017 transportation bill. Portland Tribune, December 15, 2015.
Lawmakers want talks to begin for 2017 transportation bill. East Oregonian, December 14, 2015.
Oregon Leadership Summit: Path to transportation package still unclear. The Oregonian, December 14, 2015.

Health Care
Leadership Summit: Health care strategy reset? Portland Business Journal, December 15, 2015.

Portland Harbor Cleanup
Question remains who will pay for Willamette River cleanup. Portland Tribune, December 17, 2015.

Industry Clusters 
Leadership Summit: Electric vehicles hold billion-dollar savings potential for Oregon. Portland Business Journal, December 14, 2015.

May 2015

PERS:  The new math on state pension fund after Court rejects reform.  The Oregonian.  May 7, 2015
Pension reform:  Frustrated Oregon leaders lose their appetite for change.  The Oregonian.  May 7, 2015
Obama fiercely defends free trade on behalf of small business.  The Oregonian.  May 8, 2015
Mayor Charlie Hales ‘urges’ Pembina to withdraw plans for a North Portland propane terminal.  The Oregonian.  May 7, 2015
Feed the Beast.  Willamette Week.  May 6, 2015
Oregon schools face $358 million cost from PERS ruling.  May 1, 2015
Oregon lawmakers to consider cost-cutting bills in wake of PERS ruling.  Portland Business Journal.  May 1, 2015

April 2015

Why business should care about PERS reforms being struck down.  Portland Business Journal.  April 30, 2015
Oregon Supreme Court strikes down key PERS reforms.  Portland Business Journal.  April 30, 2015
Labor, business leaders help bolster career education.  The Oregonian.  April 23, 2015
Two pathways to career success started in high school.  The Oregonian.  April 23, 2015
After years of decline, Oregon rebuilds school-to-career programs.  The Oregonian.  April 23, 2015
Editorial: Oregon’s roads endanger Oregon’s economy
.  Statesman Journal.  April 19, 2015
Transportation bill tops list for Governor Brown.  Statesman Journal.  April 17, 2015
Oregon commission votes to fund public universities based on degrees awarded, not seats filled. The Oregonian
Oregon lags on transportation investment.  David Sarasohn.  The Oregonian.  April 7, 2015.
New plan could reshape Gain Share program.  Portland Tribune.  April 2, 2015
Oregon House Oks bill easing benefits cliff for low-income renters.  The Oregonians.  April 2, 2015

February 2015

Oregon needs to invest in technical education.  John Mohlis and Jim Piro Op-Ed.  The Oregonian.  02-07-15

January 2015

Oregon legislature’s transportation debate heats up.  The Associated Press.  1/27/15
Oregon legislators signal showdown over transportation funding.  The Oregonian.  1/27/15
Inside one Senator’s plan to fix Oregon’s tax system.  The Portland Business Journal.  1/23/15
Court ruling threatens Eastern Oregon forest management.  The Oregonian.  1/15/15
Tammy Baney named Transportation Commission Chair.  1/15/15
Editorial:  State should consider Juniper fund.  Bend Bulletin.  1/15/15
Defazio will be top Democrat on Transportation Committee.  The Bend Bulletin.  1/9/15
Conservationists, loggers team up in Oregon to protect forests, halt fires.  Houston Chronicle.  1/1/15

Coverage, 12th Leadership Summit on January 6, 2015

Full coverage from the Oregonian (9 articles)
Leaders:  Rural Oregon needs special help.  Portland Tribune.  1.13.15
Baney speaks to Business Summit. 1.13.15
In Southern Oregon, a $200 million plan to turn forestry waste into jet fuel.  Portland Business Journal. 1/12/15
Could drones boost the Oregon economy?  Statesman Journal.  1/7/15
Oregon State University plan ambitious forestry complex.  Corvallis Gazette Times.  1/6/15
5 Takeaways from the Oregon Leadership Summit.  GoLocalPDX.  1/8/15
2015 Oregon legislative battles take shape at businses summit.  Bend Bulletin.  1/7/15
Business Summit 2015:  Kitzhaber pledges support for transportation package.  Portland Tribune.  1/6/15
Business Summit 2015: Kitzhaber proposed budget steers 50% of general fund to education.  PBJ.  1/6/15
Business Summit 2015:  A $5M innovation fund for timber and ag.  Portland Business Journal.  1/6/15
Business Summit 2015: Leaders converge to shape legislative and economic agenda.  PBJ. 1/6/15
Business Summit 2015:  Gov. Kitzhaber on the “inherent contradiction” in the Oregon economy.  PBJ.  1/6/15
Business Summit 2015:  Scenes from Oregon’s premeire business planning event (photos).  PBJ.  1/6/15
Kitzhaber pitches education budget at business leadership summit.  1/6/15
Promises, tensions surface at Oregon Leadership Summit.  Portland Tribune.  1/6/15
Our View:  WISE project offers many benefits.  Medford Mail Tribune.  1/6/15
Drone firms, test range operators say Oregon has temporary ‘monopoly’ for drone development.  The Oregonian
Oregon business leaders talk politics today.  Statesman Journal. 1/6/15
Portland Business Alliance: Traffic still hampers Oregon’s economy.  Portland Business Journal.  1/6/15
Oregon business group outlines its legislative wish list.  Associated Press.  1/5/15
Irrigation system upgrade gets a forum.  Medford Mail Tribune.  1/2/15

December 2014

Oregon business summit adds commercial state mainstay to agenda.  Portland Business Journal.  12/22/14
Oregon Leadership Summit looks at what’s driving state’s business climate.  Portland Business Journal.  12/12/14

March 2014

The Oregonian

Oregon needs a simpler land use system:  Guest Opinion.  March 22, 2014
Oregon’s pension fund reaps big profits from private equity in hot market, but faces dilemma
.  March 7, 2014
Land-use ‘grand bargain’ heading to governor’s desk, but Oregon growth debate far from settled.  March 4, 2014
Oregon’s top three growth industries-and the one lagging behind.  March 4, 2014
Oregon hiring slows in January; job growth in 2013 stronger than thought.  March 4, 2014

Jefferson Public Radio
Clock Ticking On Major Cancer Research Grant.  March 2, 2014

Ore. Leg. to meet Knight Challenge for OHSU.  March 7, 2014

February 2014

Has Oregon never before created a land-use plan for “what it should look like for 50 years?” Politifact Oregon February 28, 2014
Investing in OHSU cancer center makes sense: Guest opinion.  February 26, 2014
Key Columbia River Crossing backer says he won’t support Oregon-led plan in 2014 session.  February 21, 2014
Leaders say local businesses need Columbia River Crossing.  February 21, 2014
There’s still support across the river for CRC.  February 20, 2014
Oregon state budget outlook:  What does it all mean?  The Oregonian.  February 12, 2014

January 2014

The Oregonian
Q&A: Why OHSU wants $200 million from Oregon Legislature for cancer research
.  01/16/2014

December 2013

The Daily Astorian
What’s Next for Oregon Business Plan?  Dec. 23, 2013

The Oregonian
Editorial: Oregon Business Leaders enter anti-poverty discussion.  Dec. 14, 2013
Oregon Leadership Summit 2013:  Readers’ guide to today’s stories.  Dec. 9, 2013
Governor Kitzhaber, at Oregon Leadership Summit, says wages are flatlining, eroding middle class
.  Dec. 9, 2013
John Kitzhaber’s tax reform, targeted for 2016, would take $8 million campaign.  Dec. 9, 2013
OHSU refines pitch for $200 million in state money to help match Phil Knight challenge donation.  Dec. 9, 2013
Oregon legislative leaders list Columbia River Crossing, rural prosperity initiatives among 2014 priorities.  Dec. 9, 2013
Editorial: Oregongon Leadership Summit sets right tone on rural issues.  Dec. 9, 2013
Oregon Leadership Summit brings together business leaders, lawmakers in Portland.  Dec. 9, 2013
Oregon’s senators see congressional negotiators reaching modest budget agreement.  Dec. 9, 2013
Oregon business leaders outline strategies to fight poverty, say state should overhaul tax policies. Dec. 9, 2013
Gov. John Kitzhaber says federal money remains available for the Columbia River Crossing
. Dec. 6, 2013
First Lady added to business summit roster.  Dec. 3, 2013

Portland Business Journal
Portland Business Journal Business Pulse Survey-Oregon Business Plan Priorities.  Dec. 13, 2013
Oregon Business Plan: What you need to know.  Dec. 10, 2013
Oregon Business Plan: Kitzhaber takes a swing at cancer, rural poverty.  Dec. 9, 2013
Oregon Business Plan:  OHSU’s Druker trains sights on detecting cancer early.  Dec. 9, 2013
Oregon Business Plan:  Tillamook wants a food cluster.  Dec. 9, 2013
Oregon Business Plan:  Spreading the natural wealth.  Dec. 9, 2013
Oregon Business Plan:  Elemental’s Sam Blackman on helping startups.  Dec. 9, 2013
Oregon Business Plan: How too many trees can put rural Oregon to work.  Dec, 9, 2013
Oregon Business Plan Summit: What to expect.  Dec. 9, 2013
OHSU’s Druker and Robertson, and Cambia’s Ganz to speak at Monday’s summit
. Dec. 6, 2013
Oregon Business Plan Unveils 2014 Policy Playbook.  Dec. 5, 2013

Portland Tribune
Our Opinion:  Can next Governor juggle the right priorities?  Dec. 12, 2013
Portland Tribune: Business Leaders Say Portland Recovering, Rest of State Lags
.  Dec. 12, 2013
Statesman Journal
State, business leaders to gauge Oregon’s progress.  Dec 8, 2013
Challenge to PERS cuts filed with state high court.  Dec 7, 2013

November 2013

Portland Busines Journal
Manufacturing tops agenda for Oregon Business Plan Summit.  November, 13, 2013

October 2013

Portland Business Journal
Oregon lawmakers get it done on PERS, taxes.  Oct 3, 2013

The Oregonian
Columbia River Crossing faces hurdles ahead of special session.  Oct. 13, 2013
John Kitzhaber signs 5 special session bills on PERS, taxes, GMO.  Oct. 8, 2013
Now PERS changes are up to the Supreme Court.  Oct. 3, 2013

The Economist
Oregon wants to tax motorists for miles driven, not petrol burned.  Will it work?  Oct. 19, 2013

September 2013

State treasury official says Oregon-only Columbia River Crossing could float.  Sep. 08, 2013
Lawmakers split on prospects of PERS reform
.  The Medford Mail Tribune.  Sep. 09, 2013
O&C forest management bill placed on House’s fall agenda
.  The Oregonian.  Sep. 6, 2013
Oregon tech adding jobs, boosting wages and leading state back from recession
.  The Oregonian.  Sep. 6, 2013
Clackamas County lacking other metro area counties in job growth.  The Oregonian.  Sep. 5, 2013
John Kitzhaber stumps for Sept. 30 special session on PERS, taxes
.  The Oregonian.  Sep. 4, 2013
Portland and the rise of the city-state.  The Oregonian.  Sep. 3, 2013
Oregon schools start the new year with more in state funds but few improvements.  The Oregonian.  Sep. 3, 2013

August 2013

As Labor Day nears, a look at Oregon’s labor pool.  The Oregonian.  Aug. 31, 2013
Oregon revenue forecast $16.7 billion budget holds steady
.  The Oregonian.  Aug. 28, 2013
Rural Oregon left behind in state’s economic turnaround
.  The Oregonian.  Aug.  28, 2013
Environmentalists press their case to limit logging on O&C forests in Oregon.  The Oregonian.  Aug. 26, 2013
OSBA joins effort to defend PERS reform bill.  The Portland Tribune
.  Aug. 22, 2013
Oregon PERS ‘grand bargain” debate now centered on business tax cuts
. The Oregonian.  Aug. 21, 2013
Eastern Oregon should not become the next Appalacia
.  The Argus Observer Editorial Board.  Aug. 21, 2013
Guest Opinion: PERS overahaul raises concerns.  Rep. Sal Esquival. The Umpqua Post.  Aug. 21, 2013
Wyden on O&C timber harvests:  the Oregon delegation will get this fixed.  The Oregonian.  Aug. 21, 2013
PERS needs a bipartisan solution
.  Toya Fick Op-Ed. The Statesman Journal.  Aug 20, 2013
Senate Republicans: No word from Governor on potential PERS deal.  Statesman Journal Blog. Aug 20, 2013.
Governor nominates diverse Oregonians, others for powerful higher education boards.  Aug. 19, 2013
Mapping unemployment in Oregon, county by county
.  The Oregonian.  Aug. 19, 2013
Portland is Oregon’s #3 startup hub.  Where are Nos. 1 and 2?  The Portland Business Journal.  Aug 14, 2013
Oregon-led Columbia River Crossing ups risks for state taxpayers, still includes light rail
. Aug 13, 2013
Powerful allies line up behind reinvented CRC
.  The Portland Business Journal.  Aug 8, 2013
The Columbia River Crossing resurfaces
.  The Portland Business Journal.  Aug 7, 2013
Backers of CRC push to revive project.  Oregon Public Broadcasting.  Aug 7, 2013
In Oregon, talks emerge to salvage the once left-for-dead Columbia River Crossing.  The Oregonian.  Aug 6, 2013
Democrats need more PERS reform:  Agenda 2013.  The Oregonian Editorial Board.  Aug 6, 2013
PERS, pay raises, SEIU lawsuit and special session talk: Oregon politics today.  The Oregonian. Aug 5, 2013
No deal on PERS, revenue, without business tax relief.  The Oregonian.  Aug 2, 2013
Oregon education reform gets $10M boost.  The Portland Business Journal.  Aug 2, 2013

July 2013

Work on “Grand Bargain” still possible.  Peter Wong.  The Statesman Journal.  July 31,2013
Kitzhber’s reform plan needs support.  The Statesman Journal Editorial Board.  July 30, 2013
Gov. John Kitzhaber’s education road show fuels chatter about possible PERS, taxes special session
.  July 30, 2013
PERS, taxes are the talk of the town again as Gov. John Kitzhaber hits Oregon trail.  July 30, 2013
PERS rate change, though needed, won’t solve problem.  The Oregonian Editorial Board
.  July 30, 2013
John Kitzhaber is still angling for the Grand Bargain that got away.  David Sarasohn, The Oregonian. July 30, 2013
A hint of caution at PERS.  The Eugene Register Guard Editorial Board.  July 30, 2012
Oregon workforce shows competitive edge with 25,000 Career Readiness Certificates
.  Cascade Business News July 23, 2013.
Mixed grades for legislative session
.  The Hillsboro Argus Editorial Board.  July 22, 2013.
Partial victory on PERS reform:  Agenda 2013
.  The Oregonian Editorial Board.  July 19, 2013.
Baby steps for Oregon schools and universities.  The Oregonian Editorial Board.  July 19, 2013
PERS failure tarnishes otherwise solid session for Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber
.  The Oregonian.  July 13, 2013.
PERS reform may come back in special legislative session
.  The Statesman Journal.  July 9, 2013.
On higher education, legislature gets an incomplete.  The Oregonian Editorial Board.  July 5, 2013.
Settling for adequacy.  Eugene Register Guard.  July 5, 2013.
Trio of petitions filed over PERS cuts.  The Statesman Journal.  July 4, 2013.
Unfinished business on PERS.  The Oregonian Editorial Board.  July 4, 2013.
Pers non-reform keeps us indefinitely loaded with liability.  Wallowa Chiefton.  July 3, 2013.

June 2013

Build the Bridge
Columbia River Crossing:  One step forward, another back as Coast Guard hearing lets all sides sound off.
Oregon companies, impacted by height of proposed Columbia River Crossing, sign mitigation agreements.

Bill introduced to save place for PERS reform

Lawmakers advancing on budget
Panels hears proposals on revenue, tax cuts to end budget Impasse
Local Governments watch Oregon public pension debate
Oregon state school funding votes puts focus on need for bipartisan compromise
A budget deal would boost higher education: Agenda 2013

Invest Wisely in Education
A budget deal would boost higher education
Students face tuition hikes at Oregon universities

May 2013

In one Oregon family of teachers, pension reform comes close to home
Oregon PERS far more costly than Washington’s system
Jack Roberts: Oregon needs a transaction politician to solve PERS, taxes

Invest Wisely in Education
Governing board discussion continues.  The Register-Guard.  May 24, 2013.   
President Gottfredson, Lane partners target success for high school graduates
.  Around the O.  May 24, 2013.
Oregon public universities want to raise tuition about 5%.  The Oregonian.  May 23, 2013
Common Core:  Oregon’s schools’ biggest change you’ve never heard of.
  OBP.  May 23, 2013

Build the Bridge
Washington Governor Jay Inslee vetoes anti-Columbia River Crossing measure.  The Oregonian.  May 20, 2013
Greenberry Industrial nears mitigation agreement with Columbia River Crossing.  The Oregonian.  May 20, 2013
Feds tell states:  build Columbia River Crossing or return our $178.5 million.  Willamette Week.  May 17, 2013

April 2013

PERS costs Oregon college students $849 per year
The politically volatile mix of PERS and taxes could spur better reforms
PERS battle puts Oregon Speaker Tina Kotek at Ground Zero
Straight Talk:  Representative Jason Conger on PERS Reform
A vote on PERS, but there is still a long way to go
Oregon PERS:  Higher contribution rates for employers in the next biennium, analysis says
PERS troubles are obvious to nation’s economists
PERS bill is a false fix, critics say

Invest Wisely in Education
Education bills moving in the Oregon Legislature
Oregon higher education stands to get powerful new overseer

Build the Bridge
Local View:  Columbia River Crossing:  It’s now or gridlock
Though imperfect, it’s time to build the Columbia River Crossing

March 2013

The Idaho Statesman
03/01/13:  PERS members get better benefits, cheaper.

The Oregonian
03/28/13:  Oregon Democrats’ PERS reform bill advances
03/27/13:  PERS reduction bill gets blasted from all sides at Oregon legislature
03/27/13:  This isn’t real PERS reform
03/25/13:  Democrats propose PERS caps, delayed payments to balance Oregon budget
03/19/13:  Better policy for O&C lands can aid Oregon forests, rural counties: Guest opinion
03/08/13:  Co-chairs’ budget represents a false hope for Oregon education funding: Guest opinion.  PDF
03/05/13:  Oregon public colleges face some of the nation’s most staggering financial straights.  PDF
03/05/13:  PERS reform a jobs bill that only the legislature can deliver.  PDF
03/05/13:  Oregon school boards go big on PERS:  Agenda 2013.  PDF
03/05/13:  Oregon School Boards Association chats about schools, PERS.  PDF
03/04/13:  Senate moves Columbia River Crossing forward in 18-11 vote.  PDF03/04/13:  Oregon School Boards Association supporting broad slate of pension reform measures.  PDF
03/04/13:  Co-Chairs budget recognizes the challenge of PERS.  PDF
03/04/13:  Budget offers more for Oregon schools, less for retirees, higher taxes.  PDF
03/04/13:  K-12 schools get big increase, PERS gets cut in Oregon budget.  PDF
03/04/13:  With Senate’s “yes” vote, it’s Washington’s turn to make the CRC a reality.  PDF
03/01/13:  PERS users pay less for retirement.  PDF
03/01/13:  Columbia River Crossing consultants forecast more lucrative tolls in findings doubted by critics.  PDF

Oregon Public Broadcasting
03/04/13:  State Budget Plan Depends on PERS Savings.

03/04/13:  Ore. lawmakers want to cut PERS for more school funding.  PDF.  Video 

KOBI Medford
03/05/13:  Oregon Among Worst States at Funding Higher Education  Video

The Statesman Journal
03/13/13:  Lawyer tells Oregon school boards their PERS proposal is legal

February 2013

The Daily Astorian
02/12/13  PERS Hike in Astoria = 2 cops

Institutional Investor
02/04/13  Debate Heats Up over Public Pension Fund Discount Rates 

The Oregonian
02/25/13  Oregon House approves $450 million for I-5 bridge replacement.  PDF
02/22/13  Putting together the pieces of higher education.  PDF
02/14/13  Oregon PERS retirees net better benefits than in neighboring states, PSU study finds.  PDF
02/17/13  Big PERS Benefits, Small State Economy
02/14/13  Columbia River Crossing tolling agreement needs a few changes, Vancouver lawmaker says
02/12/13  Oregon education czar Rudy Crew demands another, tougher set of education goals — this time for himselfPDF
02/11/13  Both sides testify at the Oregon Legislature as Columbia River Crossing gets first hearing
02/11/13  Vancouver Democrats push Columbia River Crossing agenda, ask for Washington Gov. Jay Inslee’s support
02/10/13  Use technology, out-of-school experiences and outside-the-box thinking to improve Oregon education.  PDF
02/08/13  Coping with rising PERS costs and sagging tax revenue.  PDF
02/03/13 77th Oregon Legislature starts Monday with lengthy to-do list.

The Daily Astorian
02/12/13  Legislature geared for PERS pension debate as coast governments watch.  PDF

The Portland Tribune and Community Newspapers
02/14/13  Our Opinion:  CRC, PERS will be tough balancing act.  PDF

January 2013

The Oregonian
01/14/13  Kitzhaber: For Oregon, its all about “dollars in the classroom”
01/14/13  Gov, John Kitzhaber praises Oregon legislature, outlines tough agenda
01/14/13  Text of Governor John Kitzhaber’s State of the State Address
01/14/13  Text of Speaker of the House Tina Kotek’s speech to joint session 
01/14/13  Kitzhaber’s PERS reform lever: Agenda 2013
01/12/13  Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber upbeat as he prepares for a difficult legislative session
01/09/13  Improve Oregon’s business climate: Agenda 2013
01/08/13  Washington County wages fastest growing in the U.S., Labor Department says
01/06/13  Oregon lawmakers must address PERS reform
01/06/13  Oregonians who buy own health insurance face major cost changes
01/05/13  The Oregonian editorial board’s 2013 agenda

Medford Mail Tribune
01/11/13  Valley’s interest in Oregon Business Plan urgent

Portland Business Journal
01/04/13  PBA backed industrial bills hit the Oregon ledger

Willamette Week
01/04/13  Update:  Light Rail Will Not Face Second Vote in Vancouver

December 2012

Albany Democrat-Herald
12/4/12  UO, OSU Pitch Business Accelerator

The Bend Bulletin
12/5/12   PERS, Cascades top of leader talks – Kitzhaber again promotes Bend branch

The Business Journal
12/4/12   Biz Summit:  Business Council Leader John Carter touts manufacturing
12/4/12   Biz Summit, from drones to drama, business is looking up
12/3/12   Biz Summit:  Wyden, Merkley reach out to rural interests
12/4/12   Biz Summit:  The (continuing) life of PIE and other news
12/3/12   Biz Summit:  Kitzhaber stresses bridge backing
12/3/12   Biz Summit:  16-year-old Loberger preaches STEM gospel
12/3/12   Biz Summit:  Lawmakers pledge bipartisan I-5 bridge support

CBS Seattle

12/2/12   Plans For New I-5 Bridge Over Columbia River In The Works

The Columbian

12/3/12  Oregon Business Leaders Call for New I-5 Bridge

12/3/12   Governor on CRC:  ‘It’s time to build this bridge’

Medford Mail Tribune
11/30/12  Oregon Busines Plan Seeks Focused Action
12/2/12   Enough words, time for action

12/3/12  OR: Business leaders join chorus of call for pension reform

12/3/12   Kitzhaber urges legislature to act quickly to fund I-5 bridge

Oregon Business Magazine
12/10/12 Business leaders push legislative agenda in Salem
12/4/12   Business leaders display united front

The Oregonian
12/21/12 Washington, Oregon commissioners approve tolling process on Columbia River Crossing
12/15/12  With State’s backing, Nike must now choose where to build
12/15/12  Oregon PERS: Risky pension obligation bonds tempt with its promise of quick returns
12/13/12  Legislators should edorse the Governor’s Nike tax plan
12/11/12  Columbia River Crossing managers navigate narrow channels toward approval
12/10/12  Forest Grove educators eye Governor Kitzhaber’s budget with cautious optimism
12/05/12  Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber is at the top of his game
12/05/12    Citizen initiated PERS reform
12/04/12    What happened at the Oregon Leadership Summit:  Tuesday business roundup
12/04/12    Oregon Politics Roundup: Business summit makes a splash
12/03/12    At Oregon Leadership Summit, Sen. Murray promotes I-5 bridge project — with light rail
12/03/12    Oregon business, civic leaders set legislative agenda, but economic goals remain elusive
12/03/12    Legislature needs to follow the lead of governor, business leaders
12/01/12    Oregon Business Plan summit ready for new heights

The Portland Tribune
12/19/12  Lawmakers put new I-5 bridge on top of priority list
12/6/12   Three goals worth pursuing for Oregon
12/3/12   Business leaders call for changes to PERS, boost in education funding
12/3/12   Kitzhaber:  PERS reforms, education funding difficult but can be done

Statesman Journal
12/4/12   Q&A About the Oregon Business Plan
12/4/12   PERS reform is a top priority for business leaders – Cutting costs would boost industry 12/4/12   Budget a topic for business leaders – Governor speaks at 10th annual Leadership Summit
12/3/12   Oregon Leadership Summit:  Q & A about the business plan
12/3/12   Governor challenges critics of budget plans
12/3/12   The Oregon Businss Plan looks a lot like Kitzhaber’s budget
The Register Guard
12/4/12  Business leaders: Replace I-5 span

Seattle Times
12/6/12  Oregon business leaders call for new I-5 bridge

Transportation Issues Daily
12/3/12  Two Major Announcements for Washington-Oregon I-5 Bridge Megaproject

Willamette Week
12/27/12  Stacey:  Toll I-205 for Columbia River Crossing
12/3/12  Kitzhaber On the CRC:  “It’s Time to Build This Bridge”

November 2012

The Portland Business Journal
11/28/12   Business Summit-goers prepare to get educated
11/27/12   Columbia bridge hits Oregon summit docket amid biz questions
11/27/12   PERS concerns get Business Council’s attention
11/26/12   Bridge/schoos/PERS headline business Summit
11/23/12   Schools Could Win Big in Kitzhaber’s Next Budget.
11/23/12   Leadership Summit Grows Up.
11/23/12   Leadership Summit Finds It’s Footing.
11/23/12   Business Plan Eyes Tax Reform.
11/21/12   Leadership Summit again tackles rural issues.
11/21/12   Wyden:  Oregon Business Plan has “far exceeded expectations.
11/20/12   Leadership Summit hits all the right notes
11/20/12   Q&A:  Jeremy Rogers on the Leadership Summit 

Medford Mail Tribune
11/30/12    Oregon Business Plan seeks focused action

The Oregonian
11/30/12    PERS Board reviews potential pension changes
11/29/12    Gov. John Kitzhaber’s proposed budget tackles PERS, eyes future
11/27/12    PERS dilemma requires a principled solution that balances public workers, public need
11/14/12    Oregon public universities graduate 20,000 students in 2011-2012, far exceeding the previous record.
11/14/12    Technology association of Oregon seeks bigger role as it rebuilds.
11/13/12    Oregon’s new challenge:  Doing more with more.
11/12/12    Gov. John Kitzhaber’s PERS speech sends right message.

Herald and News
11/14/12    Legislature’s split makes it all the more important to work together.  

October 2012

The Economist
10/27/12    Not a cloud in sight – The best place to store your terabytes 

The Oregonian
10/18/12.  Oregon venture activity picked up in third quarter, but still lags last year.
10/18/12.  Portland housing, transportation costs grew 1.7 times faster than income last decade.
10/14/12.  Hunt for water in Eastern Oregon has farmers scrambling to tap the Columbia River.
10/05/12.  Upon leaving Oregon’s Public Employee Retirement System Board, James Dalton offers reforms
10/02/12   Portland-area plan:  Double exports in five years, create 113,000 jobs     PDF

Portland Business Journal
10/12/12:  Kitzhaber set for 10-day trade mission.
10/12/12:  Healthiest employers of Oregon awards.
10/11/12:  Gary Lengeler: OVP Venture Partners is winding down.
 Sustainable Business Oregon
10/10/12.  Iberdrola’s Lakeview biomass plans calls for more emissions.
10/10/12.  Commerce calls for solar tarrifs in SolarWorld led dispute.
10/08/12.  Kitzhaber boosts forest sector.


September 2012

The Oregonian
09/26/12.  Porltand’s Manufacturing jobs pay more, provide benefits, and offer economic equity for minorities PDF
09/21/12.   On public payrolls, wage is only half the cost     PDF
09/12/12.  Legislature considers rescue of Oregon timber counties if services fall through the crack
9/12/12.  Kitzhaber’s next mission:  reform Oregon’s tax system.

Portland Business Journal
09/26/12  Portland manufacturing gets good business marksPDF

Sustainable Business Oregon
09/18/12  Newport, Reedsport are site finalists for expanded wave energy test site.
09/18/12  Brammo to open Portland R&D facility.


August 2012

Blue Mountain Eagle
08/20/12.  ‘Infintely saddened’, Malhuer Lumber plans shutdown

The Corvallis Gazette Times

08/01/12.  Oregon’s healthcare experiment begins today 

The Oregonian
08/20/12:  President Obama moves to expedite the Columbia River Crossing
08/08/12.  Oregon school officials set low goals, angering education chief Rudy Crew
08/05/12.  Unique Tax System Keeps Oregon Weird in the Wrong Way
08/03/12.  New Oregon school ratings show familiar patterns but highlight little-known “model schools”

Sustainable Business Oregon
08/03/12.  Oregon lands grant for wood energy cluster

Press Releases
08/02/12.  US DOT Announces $3.3 million in funding for the Columbia River Crossing

July 2012

Bloomberg Business Week
07/06/2012.  The ‘Portlandia’ Bump:  Oregon’s Thriving Film Scene.

Daily Journal of Commerce
07/25/2012.  Portland’s industrial land supply:  A people problem that must be solved

Herald and News

07/10/2012. Klamath harvests most timber in Eastern Oregon.

07/02/2012. Conservationists say thinning on federal lands could provide steady timber supply.     PDF

The Oregonian
07/27/2012. Treasurer Ted Wheeler wants PERS reforms.     PDF
07/25/2012. John Kitzhaber recommends reforms for Oregon’s medical malpractice laws.
07/22/2012. Big jump in food-stamp enrollment drives farm bill debate.     PDF
07/22/2012. Portland’s land supply for big industry needs bolstering.     PDF
07/07/2012. Oregon’s startup community by the numbers:  tiny but strong.  PDF
07/01/2012. Transportation bill delivers timber payments but counties need to find a new path.     PDF

Sustainable Business Oregon
07/13/12.  Forest Capital Partners sells its timberland business.    PDF

June 2012

Herald and News
06/26/2012. New Oregon education chief reflects state’s drive for change.     PDF

The Republic
06/25/2012. Timber industry hopes Supreme Court will find EPA can’t regulate mud runoff from logging roads.     PDF

Portland Business Journal
06/22/2012. No rural recovery in Oregon.

Sustainable Business Oregon
06/05/2012. Kitzhaber releases draft of 10-year energy plan.     PDF

The Oregonian
06/09/2012. Japanese companies plan U.S. moves, eyeing Oregon as Shimaszu expands in Canby.     PDF
06/08/2012. New health care groups say Oregon’s reforms could sputter without more cash.     PDF
06/06/2012. Oregon economy growing at nation’s second-fastest rate.     PDF

May 2012

Willamette Week
05/30/2012. A Smack in the Kicker: A union backed initiative to repeal the corporate tax rebate draws fire from reformers.     PDF

The Wall Street Journal
05/03/2012. Oregon Gets Extra Funds to Test New Medicaid Method.     PDF

Washington Post
05/04/2012. White House makes $1.9 billion bet: Oregon can fix health care.     PDF

The Oregonian
05/14/2012. Oregon leaders push ahead on prison, crime reforms.     PDF
05/04/2012. Gov. John Kitzhaber celebrates federal health pact, says real test lies ahead.     PDF
05/06/2012. Build the Portland dream acre by remaining acre.     PDF

April 2012

Portland Business Journal
04/26/2012. OSU teams with Oregon Industry Cluster Network.     PDF

The Times
04/18/2012. Reports: Shortage of industrial land hurting region’s economy.     PDF

OPB News
04/04/2012. Kitzhaber Brings Good News On Water.     PDF

March 2012

Statesman Journal
03/28/2012. Supreme Court ruling may mean tweaks to state’s health care redesign.     PDF

The Columbian
03/16/2012. Oregon lawmakers hear from CRC critics.     PDF

Oregon Business
03/15/2012. Education reforms raise funding questions.     PDF

February 2012

02/21/12. Apple Confirms Plans for Another Large Data Center in Prineville, Oregon.     PDF

Portland Business Journal
02/13/12. Oregon health exchange bill hits a snag.     PDF

Democrat Herald
02/13/12. Morse budget reform bill likely dead.    PDF

Statesman Journal
02/29/12. Kitzhaber makes deal on two bills.     PDF
02/25/12. Gov. Kitzhaber: Using the ‘bully pulpit.’     PDF
02/24/12. Governor’s health care bill approved by Oregon House.     PDF
02/23/12. What Oregon Gov. Kitzhaber sort of said at his press conference this morning.     PDF
02/23/12. Gov. Kitzhaber pushes for education, health care and economy legislation.     PDF
02/11/12. Lawmakers develop kicker plan.     PDF

The Oregonian
02/28/12. Oregon adds 5,400 jobs as unemployment falls to 8.8 percent in January.     PDF
02/23/12. Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber invites business leaders for press conference; House Republicans show up too.    PDF
02/21/12. Oregon consumer-run health plan among the first out of the starting blocks.     PDF
02/12/12. Prospects excellent that governor’s plan for ‘achievement compacts’ will become law.     PDF
02/08/12. Panel endorses governor’s plan to require schools and colleges to sign outcome-focused ‘achievement compacts’     PDF
02/05/12. Sweeping changes to Oregon’s early childhood programs would start with small steps.     PDF
02/02/12. Columbia River Crossing triggers testy debate in House committee.     PDF
02/02/12.  Oregon Senate Committee moves Kitzhaber-backed health reform over Republican objections. PDF

January 2012

Portland Business Journal
Business energy agenda light in the face of budget  PDF

December 2011

The Forest Grove News-Times
A decade later, job not finished     PDF

Portland Business Journal
Slideshow: Oregon Leadership Summit

Leadership Summit: Kitzhaber ‘optimistic’ about Oregon     PDF
Leadership Summit: Wyden touts Portland patent office     PDF
Leadership Summit Kicks Off With Ambitious Agenda     PDF
Kitzhaber Proposes Streamlining State Permitting Processes     PDF
Education a Hot Topic at Oregon Leadership Summit
Leadership Summit:  Surviving health care reform     PDF
Big Issues Loom at Oregon Leadership Summit

OPB News
Kitzhaber: Oregon Jobs Outlook is Brighter     PDF
Legislators Skeptical of Kitzhaber Tax Reform     PDF

Portland Tribune
Leadership, ideas build stronger economy     PDF
Oregon leaders gather to focus on economy      PDF

The Oregonian
For Oregon leaders, it’s all together now     PDF
Kitzhaber, Business Leaders Say Oregon is Bouncing Back Despite Slow Economic Recovery     PDF
Portland Incomes Still Lagging, Hurting Schools and Public Services     PDF

Oregon Business Magazine
Food Processing Jobs Go Unfilled for Lack of Skilled Workers, Employers Say     PDF

Associated Press
Political, Business Leaders Discuss Ore. Economy     PDF
Business Officials Push Tax Overhaul at Summit     PDF

The Oregon Catalyst
Oregon Leadership Summit Ignoring the Obvious     PDF

Eugene Regster Guard
Talking Tax Reform     PDF

News/Talk KBND
Kitzhaber Committee to Study Oregon Business Climate

Lake Oswego Review
Oregon Should Confront Variety of Economic Issues     PDF
The Oregon Leadership Summit     PDF

November 2011

Portland Business Journal
Oregon Leadership Summit is Dec. 12 & 13

Cleaning up Oregon’s complex regulatory system     PDF

Oregon Business
Annual summit expands to 2 days

The Oregonian
Gov. Kitzhaber, Oregon education leaders, call for more college graduates by 2025  PDF

October 2011

The Portland Business Journal
Oregon Business Plan summit slated for Dec. 12     PDF

Senator Telfer appointed to Governor’s Business Regulatory Advisory Committee     PDF

June 2011

The Register Guard
A promising shake-up     PDF

The Portlander
Major Education Reform Bills Pass the House & Senate

Portland Business Journal
Kitzhaber discusses economic progress  PDF
Industrial lands bill sails through Senate  PDF
Health exchange bill heads to Kitzhaber     PDF

The Portland Tribune
Focus on jobs, jobs, jobs for a better economy (editorial)  PDF

The Oregonian
Governor John Kitzhaber, Business Leaders Join in Proclaiming Legislative Successes  PDF
Oregon Legislature unleashes flood of education bills, from open enrollment to all-day kindergarten     PDF
Massachusettes Health Insurance Exchange Provides Lessons for Oregon  PDF
Don’t bow to defenders of status-quo schools (editorial) PDF
How the Oregon Health Insurance Exchange will work  PDF
As Oregon legislators seek deal on education, Teacher’s Union opposes key to Gov. John Kitzhaber’s plan  PDF
Industrial lands bill passes Senate, heads to Oregon House  PDF
State House approves health insurance exchange to cover all Oregonians  PDF
Oregon House shrugs off attacks from the left and right to pass Health Exchange bill  PDF
Oregon House to decide final passage for health insurance marketplace today

May 2011

Clackamas Review
Can schools cope with fewer funds?     PDF

Statesman Journal
Governor recruits economic allies     PDF
Ore. Senate GOP Forces Water Bill Vote     PDF

Yamhill Valley News Register
Legislature should pass full kicker reform plan     PDF

Portland Business Journal
Exchange bill passes House committee     PDF
Business groups push legislative agenda     PDF

Oregon Business Report
Business coalition lays out top bills     PDF

The Portlander
Oregon Business Groups Push for Job Creating Legislation     PDF

The Oregonian
Oregon Live: Frustration grows over job bills at Oregon Legislature     PDF
Oregon business associations try to revive kicker, capital gains package in Legislature     PDF
Three Corvallis startups announce $20 million in venture backing     PDF
House committee grapples with big ideas of bill to combine all levels of Oregon Education     PDF
Oregon Senate panel approves kicker shift, capital gains cuts     PDF

The Register Guard
Deal changes ‘kicker’ refunds     PDF

April 2011

Business News Daily
State tax policies on small business spark debate     PDF

The Lund Report
Insurance exchange bill likely to progress without much change     PDF

Sustainable Business Oregon
Get ready to say bye-bye to BETC     PDF
Solar Nation prefers Oregon but faces barriers to work here     PDF
Kitzhaber airs plan for 10-year energy strategy for Oregon     PDF

Statesman Journal
Governor: State’s improving     PDF
Oregon Senate votes to create insurance exchange     PDF
Editorial Blog: Legislature should fundamentally reform Oregon education service districts     PDF
Kitzhaber’s plan to change Oregon’s dysfunctional health care system     PDF
Health insurance exchange bill clears committee     PDF
House approves schools budget amid cries that its “too little” or “too much”       PDF

Mail Tribune
It’s time to reform the kicker     PDF

The Oregoninan
The good, the bad and the ugly of Oregon taxes     PDF
Will this state ever save?      PDF
Appointed superintendent: an overdue change to Oregon’s education leadership     PDF
Governor John Kitzhaber wants to give Oregon Health Plan a boost with better, less costly healthcare     PDF
Gov. John Kitzhaber begins lobbying in the Oregon Legislature to create a new statewide education board   PDF

Portland Business Journal 
Industrial land battle underway in Salem

 February 2011

Blue Mountain Eagle
Focus of regional centers:  JOBS

The Spokesman-Review
Oregon sees fuel, jobs in forests     PDF

The Dalles Chronicle
Developers blast state over wetlands process
Oregon’s economy continues slow recovery     PDF

Portland Business Journal
Oregon Senate considers business incentive plan    PDF
PBA calls for tax, revenue reform     PDF

Biomass Magazine
Oregon governor announces biomass grant program     PDF

The Oregonian
Oregon lawmakers pitched on new incentives for business expansion     PDF
Ready for action: Finally, a real savings plan     PDF
Gov. John Kitzhaber plans a powerful education board, connecting school funding to performance     PDF
Business leaders tie ‘kicker’ change to capital gains cut     PDF
Governor John Kitzhaber names statewide education team    PDF
New Brunswick Business Journal
New Brunswick business leaders use Oregon Business Plan as a model for economic strategy
Business Plan helped growth in Oregon.
Register Gaurd
Governor’s RedesignKitzhaber proposes broad cuts in his search for a new way of delivering services      PDF

Statesman Journal
Kitzhaber Budget Will Mean the Beginning of Legislative Business
Oregon lawmakers take first look at changing kicker
Kitzhaber’s biomass strategy faces hurdles
Actions indicate Kitzhaber will govern differently this time
State wants health insurance cap, end to PERS pickup
Sustainable Business Oregon
Businesses:  save money, help the economy and the environment.       PDF

January 2011

The Oregonian
In Salem, Its Anything But Business As Usual     PDF
Career Readiness Certificate Program Rolling Out Across Oregon     PDF
Governor John Kitzhaber Calls First Press Conference To Outline Initial Steps to Create More Jobs     PDF
Oregon Has A New Commander-in-Chief

Portland Business Journal
Legislature Focuses on Deficit     PDF

Daily Journal of Commerce
Innovative Industrial Land Plan Proposed for Oregon     PDF

Governor Announces First Oregon Job-Creation Ideas     PDF

Oregon Natural Resources Report
Business Summit Urges Changes/Business Summit Plan     PDF 

KBNW News Radio Central Oregon
House Democrats See Budget, Education, Key to Upcoming Session     PDF

Register Guard
Kitzhaber Emphasizes Jobs     PDF

Statesman Journal
Kithzaber Inauguration Remarks     PDF

House Democrats See Budget, Education Keys to Upcoming Session     PDF

December 2010

The Oregonian:
Death spirals and dead horses      PDF
We haven’t come along way, baby     PDF
Kitzhaber: Hold me accountable for income gains     PDF
Fixing Oregon’s economy means fixing Oregon’s schools first     PDF
Kitzhaber vows to remake healthcare coverage;chooses GOP aid      PDF
Changing Tide in Oregon: OHSU moves to adapt to new economic and health care realities     PDF

Portland Tribune:
Kitzhaber calls for transforming state government     PDF
Local leaders say ther is ‘no time to waste’ ending business as usual     PDF

Albany Democrat-Herald:
Leaders: Tough times before they get better     PDF
Kitz needs more teams     PDF

Bend Bulliten:
Business leaders plan state’s fiscal restoration     PDF

Portland Business Journal:
Leadership summit tackles big challenges     PDF
Oregon in death spiral     PDF
Summit: a new budget strategy     PDF

Register Guard:
Oregon’s sputtering economy     PDF

Oregon Business:
On the scene: leadership summit returns     PDF
Leaders pull no punches     PDF

Oregon’s death spiral     PDF
Kitzhaber: Fiscal crisis calls for spending overhaul     PDF
Only business can build prosperity     PDF
Kitzhaber: Rural as important as urban jobs     PDF
Summit will promote a sustainable economy     PDF

Oregon Leadership Summit News